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Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology (BATS)


Data Management Center
Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
POB 1-55
Taipei 11529


Network Data Availability



The Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology (BATS) has been established by the Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan since 1995. Incorporated with the Central Weather Bureau, the station number deployed in the Taiwan region will be as many as 41, not including the planned and proposed stations, by the end of 2003. The Data Management Center of the Institute of Earth Sciences (DMC-IES), Academia Sinica, Taiwan is responsible of the BATS data archive, quality control, distribution, and the CMT inversion for regional earthquakes. We adopt a user-friendly data request interface (NINJA) that is developed by the OHPDMC, ERI, U. of Tokyo, to on-line distribute BATS waveform data. This dataset is available through either a NINJA application software or the BATS website.

Data Distribution

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