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Those who run seismic networks or data centers are encouraged to let the research community know how they would like to be cited in publications that include data from their facilities. The FDSN is providing a service by which operators can post these desired citations so the community has open access to this information. If you are responsible for this type of citation information, please fill out the simple e-mail form below. The information will be posted on the FDSN site shortly after it is received.

List of Network Codes

Example of a citation for IRIS Data Services:

"The facilities of IRIS Data Services, and specifically the IRIS Data Management Center, were used for access to waveform and metadata required in this study. The IRIS DS is funded through the National Science Foundation and specifically the GEO Directorate through the Instrumentation and Facilities Program of the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement EAR-0004370."

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